ETrun 2.0.0

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ETrun 2.0.0

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Here is a new major release! Special thanks to all the contributors for keeping the development of the mod alive. It's now been more than 7 years since the first beta and here we are 23 releases later.
I expect players to encounter some bugs or regressions due to the lack of a proper testing system. Please report issues and let's keep things moving forward.


Breaking changes
  • Rename all ETrun related cvars to etr_
  • Rename cmd abort to interruptRun
  • Rename cvar cg_lagometer to cg_drawLagometer
  • Migrate to Geolite2
Other changes
  • fix: fix snapshud 2 bars shifting on rightmove
  • fix: fix snapshud vq3 bars
  • fix: fix lagspike of tutorial command
  • fix: hidden players now don't make sounds anymore
  • fix: hidden players can't be shot anymore
  • fix: crosshairnames of hidden players aren't shown anymore
  • fix: fix banner console printout indents
  • fix: fix potential former abort cmd abuse
  • fix: fix autodemo recording first attempt
  • fix: fix broken legs state not resetting after loading in VET
  • fix: fix axis soldier having thompson
  • fix: fix autoloading weapon not available to class
  • fix: fix wait variable of triggers not being overridden to 0.5 under certain circumstances
  • fix: fix velocity snapping hud 2 not showing correct shift during aircontrol
  • fix: fix noclip while proning not using correct viewheight
  • fix: fix legs getting stuck in brushes on noclip while proning
  • new: add additional demo statusline to replace console printouts
  • new: add etr_autoDemoPrints, etr_pickupPrints cvars
  • new: add etr_autoDemoStopDelay cvar
  • new: add fast map change if alone on a server
  • new: add custom shaders to draw triggers
  • new: add etr_triggersDrawScale, etr_triggersDrawEdges cvars
  • new: add RGB(A) cvars support
  • new: add color cvars to HUD elements using RGB(A) cvars support
  • new: add cvars to toggle all HUD elements
  • new: add grouped popups
  • new: add etr_popupGrouped cvar
  • new: prevent upmove, -128 and z-rotation cheats
  • misc: disable several restrictions for logged out clients
  • misc: capitalize ETrun menu titles #169
  • misc: hiderange takes effect only if client does not want to hide others
  • misc: lagging and bugging clients aren't killed anymore
  • misc: replaced loading aborted with a 0.5s spam protection
  • misc: unify console and centerprint messages in color and format
  • misc: autodemo now works while following a client
  • misc: add hardcoded min vote delay ignoring vote_delay cvar
  • misc: change sorting of demos in replay menu to A-Z case-insensitive
  • misc: increase max demos in replay menu from 256 to 32768
  • misc: replace railtrails debugging function with shaders
  • misc: fireteam overlay isn't drawn if ingame menu is up
  • misc: make all coordinate cvars accept float values
  • misc: re-enable noclip while proning
  • misc: color timestamps in the color of chatmode
  • misc: re-align fireteam overlay rectangle
  • misc: selfkill and manual teamchange are now spam-protected separately

Client & server files are available at GitHub.


Documentation is available at ReadTheDocs.
Contact: pm me
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