5000 records!

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5000 records!

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Hello there,

Breaking news: the record tracking system has just tracked its 5000th record :D.

In only few months, we have managed to revive AP.
The site has about 90 player accounts, and new players are registering every week.
The game server is also quite active.

What's next?

We are talking about an APCup 2012, it has its own thread (see viewtopic.php?f=3&t=105&p=156) if you want to contribute (you should if you want APCup to happen).

ETrun is actively being developed and a pre-release should be made in late april. If you have ideas to improve your "timerunning" experience post them in the ETrun category.

To improve the challenge level, we need more and more players. If you like challenge, talk about AP to other players, share this site url with them, help them getting to the server and show them your AP skills :).

Thank you all and hf :)
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Re: 5000 records!

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