ETrun 1.1.0

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ETrun 1.1.0

Post by nico »


  • new: cvar cg_loadWeapon to restore weapon with /load and position autoloading
  • new: added custom map scripts to remove secrets on some maps (existing times will be reseted on these maps, map concerned)
  • new: added GeoIP support
  • new: cup mode support
  • new: added specific map settings. Overbounce is enabled on maps that needs it, hurt triggers are disabled in some maps.
  • new: removed save2/load2 and added a strict save/load mode, strict save/load mode is automatically enabled on original maps and disabled on other maps
  • new: draw beginning of players IP & max FPS in /players command
  • fix: doublejump loss issue
  • fix: increased crosshair names detection area
  • fix: saving demo with special characters in run names failed
  • fix: binocular bug introduced in 1.0.2
  • fix: timer bug. Best time of session when you spec somebody doing a faster time becomes your best time

Download it here.


You can also check full ChangeLog, info about cvars, client commands and custom map scripts.


1 year of development, 1000+ commits to the Git repository.

Known bugs
  • When spectating another player that kills himself, spectators gets connection interrupted for few seconds (Issue)
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Re: ETrun 1.1.0

Post by stealth »

Nice update!
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Re: ETrun 1.1.0

Post by xDSander »

woho, keep going! :P
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Re: ETrun 1.1.0

Post by F3mm3 »

keep up the good work :)
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Re: ETrun 1.1.0

Post by ronsu »

Simplyfying the save command is a nice add indeed
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