/rank command

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/rank command

Post by nico »

What it does:

List from -5 to +5 records times & ranks. When no option provided, this command will only work if requester if logged in, it will gives his rank on first run of current map with current physics settings. Otherwise, it will give output according to given options.

Example of use:


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Re: /rank command

Post by stealth »

I had an idea to make this command more versatile.

/rank 1
Shows /rank for the player in first position.

/rank 2
Show the /rank for the 2nd player


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Re: /rank command

Post by rokx »

I can't seem to get it to work with only just number as runName. Can this be fixed? Or tell me the way to use it.

It's really annoying to type the whole run name ->"Axis 2nd to North gun"

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Re: /rank command

Post by amethyst »

Press arrow up and you get the previous thing you typed in console, so if you do a few times youll see the /rank command and you dont have to type so much

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