ETrun open BETA

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ETrun open BETA

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Hi there,

After 13 weeks of development, ETrun is now ready for an open Beta.

You can check the Changelog and the TODO list if you want.

The goal of this open beta is to gather feedbacks and to find and report problems and bugs. During your tests you can focus on the following key features:
  • Support of +forward turning
  • Doublejump
  • Timer reset fix
  • Velocity jumppads & location jumppads support
  • Fixed kill & hurt triggers
  • Introduced ETrun cvars
  • New scoreboard
  • No overbounce mode
Test server IP:

Some notes:
  • You can vote to enable/disable overbounce and upmove bug fix. (Overbounce was enabled in TJMod, Upmove bug fix too) ;
  • The record streaming/login system is not included in this Beta, your records are not sent nor saved, it's a test server ;
  • Please report feedbacks, problems and bugs in this thread directly ;
  • Servers uses Q3_Pack1.pk3 to Q3_Pack16.pk3 only.
Hope you like it :)
Contact: pm me
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