Map testers needed

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Map testers needed

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Sorry, not really etrun related topic but this shouldn't hurt anything to be here.

I'm making new map with ronsu, actually been making it for a some time now but I've been lazy and ronsu is in army. Anyway, if we would have more active testers for the jumps, it would speed up the process a lot. So here's what you need to be:

- Active
- Very skilled in originals
- Somewhat skilled in gammas
- Proper communication skills (read: talk english)
- Mapping experience wouldn't hurt but isn't required

What I need testers for is to figure out the best order for the originals to be in. There's about 40 originals coming, and it's really a pain in the ass to try put them in order from easiest to hardest. Also something that is easy for me, could be hard to someone else. Our map so far:

- About 40 originals, out of which only 5 jumps are really hard
- 5 gammas out of which none are just strafing forward shit
- 7-8 portal tricks in portal section, but this wont be in the map until there's an update in etjump that allows you to shoot portals only in specific textures.
- Clientside waypoints and new skip systems in originals

Contact: pupup0x @ xfire
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